Unmasking Innovation: The Transformation of Rajpara Technology in Bengaluru


  • Tisha Rajpara Student 2nd Year – MBA (Fin), SSR IMR, Silvassa, Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune, India
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey Associate Professor, SSR IMR, Silvassa, Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune, India




it industry, technologies, case study


In the world of technology, the IT industry is like the digital heart. It's where smart people create computer programs, websites, and solutions that make our digital world run well. The IT industry is dynamic in nature and facing new problems, but it's also full of new and clever ideas. In the COVID-19 pandemic has grappled the whole world and economies have been hard hit. Indian IT industry is still showing positive signs and has the resilience to overcome this unprecedented tragedy. IT industry has a large talent pool, and the open market, India has a flourishing IT industry, and earned a well-deserved place in the global market. Accounting for 7.5 percent of the GDP in the financial Year 2023. Indian has skilled human resources which makes the country a global IT hub.

This hypothetical case study is about Bengaluru based Rajpara Technology known for its advanced tech and innovations. Shri. Dinesh Rajpara, Owner, started with the operations in 2009. Total with 95 employees the company has two branches at Bengaluru & Pune. However, behind its success, there were hidden problems with how the company was run.  The way decisions were made had become too rigid, and the leaders were making choices without considering different opinions. Instead of being open and clear, the company had developed a secretive culture. Rajpara Technology is at a critical point where it needs big changes. To survive, it had to break down the barriers created by its own way of doing things and start being more transparent, accountable, and adaptable.


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Tisha Rajpara, & Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey. (2024). Unmasking Innovation: The Transformation of Rajpara Technology in Bengaluru. Social Science Journal for Advanced Research, 4(1), 27–31. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.10570578